Experiences at Rolfing Touch

I received the full series of rolfing from Tomoko Baldridge. She is incredibly skilled, professional, intuitive, and thorough. As I came to learn, experiencing rolfing is a journey and trust in the practitioner critical for growth. I feel so much more connected to my body, my posture has greatly improved, and my core is engaged. I am so thankful that Ms. Baldridge is here locally. What a talent!
By Cindy Brown, Tallahassee, FL

Rolfing 10 sessions, as taught by Tomoko Baldridge, is an wonder- filled exploration and discovery of one’s body, specifically, its fascia, muscle and bone and how they each impact and connect to your body’s relationship to gravity.I have personally experienced the beneficial effects on both body awareness and body appreciation that this investigation offers. Subsequent sessions to the initial set provide reinforcement and enhancement of lessons learned about one’s particular body’s structure and relationship to gravity.Rolfing gave me the opportunity to concentrate my attention on discrete areas of my anatomy and learn or relearn how and why my body moves the way it does and also how to improve my physical movements.Rolfing is a partnership between the person being rolfed and the Rolfer and Tomoko is a Knowledgeable and therefore trustworthy guide, as well as being gentle and unhurried. I highly recommend her.
By Joanna Mauer, dancer, choreographer, founder and guide of the exploratory movement practice, “Transforming Through Moving (TN).”, Tallahassee, FL

Before I received Rolfing I had a pain in my hip joint for 2 months. I noticed the pain disappeared after 10 sessions. It was amazing how l got into the deepest relaxation each time I had a session with Tomoko. She always started with a gentle guidance for me to pay attention to different parts of the body. The guidance and her subtle touch enabled me to feel my body deeply as well as to be open to any changes I was feeling during a session. It was a little difficult for me to feel the integration when she was instructing me to move in certain ways at the end of the sessions, but I hope my body awareness would be improved by paying more attention to how I am feeling in the body.
By Junko Brudenell, Tallahassee, FL

I started Rolfing with Tomoko because I was having anxiety and needed to be centered and more connected to my body. I went in not knowing what exactly to expect, but each session since then has been the most relaxing time in my week. Tomoko has brought awareness back to my body. She’s pointed out small body positioning that needed to changed. Because of her acute observations of my posture and balance I am able to hold my body better. I am aware when my shoulder slumps or my pelvic bone is too far out. It has truly made a huge impact in how I feel. I can’t recommend it enough.
By Kristen Bolander, Group Fitness instructor, Tallahassee, FL

Learn More About Basic 10 Series ~ Coming Soon!

You can find out more about what happens at each session during Rolfing Basic 10 series here in few months, as a client is currently working on their writing.