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Currently I'm available only on Friday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for the following schedule. Please allow 2 hours for a session and indicate your preferred time slot. The fee per session is $120, which can be paid in cash, by check or PayPal at the end of each session:

<June&July Schedule> 

A. 8:00~10:00

B. 12:00~14:00

C. 14:30~16:30

D. 17:00~19:00

<Regular Schedule >

A. 9:30~11:30

B. 12:00~14:00

C. 14:30~16:30

D. 17:00~19:00

Rolfing® Touch

Abundance Wellness Center, 325 John Knox Rd, Tallahassee, Florida 32303, United States

Building T, Suite 1 (850) 542-8480


Please fill out the questionnaire and consent form on line or printed paper. Return it via email before the first appointment or bring it with you on the day .