About the Rolfer


Hi! I'm Tomoko Baldridge, a certified Rolfer, LMT.

I graduated from the Rolf Institute in 2005. I had a successful practice in Tokyo from 2006 and continued to study new methods. As part of my professional development as a Rolfer, I learned a completely new approach from Hiroyoshi Tahata, a Rolf Movement Instructor, in which a Rolfer waits for the  client’s body to start yielding to gravity by providing support. This approach is now the basis of my Rolfing practice. After taking several years off from practice, I am happy to offer my service to the people in/near Tallahassee, FL.

About my Rolfing approach

My work is a compilation of different approaches I learned from many great Rolfers such as Jack Windhorst as well as the Feldenkrais movement teacher, Craig Stubbs. I enjoy Rolfing - which helps clients to find their core and align their body in harmony with gravity. It is beautiful to see my clients transform over the series of 10 sessions. In order to create a truly safe environment where a deeper, physical and even psychological change can occur, I believe that both client and practitioner have to find a comfortable space “to be” at the beginning of each session. I also believe that a practitioner being in the present moment enables her to be in balance with physical and mental space when she is at work. I’m looking forward to coming along the journey of discovering your body and mind.

My Mission

Through my Rolfing touch and the power of gravity, I would like to help people realize that we all have the power of healing within our body.  My mission is to offer them an opportunity to go deep into their body and find their center/core as well as balance in many aspects of life.

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